Thursday, August 6, 2009


Here are some pics of Guyson's room.
Memaw also made all of his bedding!
She is one talented lady!
We're lucky she is ours!

Guyson Alexander-Sig Nickels is doing spectacular!
It's hard to believe he is already 3 months old!
Such a good baby. . .

MAKE-A-WISH come true!

Jayci Joy received her Make-A-Wish room makeover last Saturday.
It was one of the most awesome days of our lives!
Jayci absolutely loves her princess room. It is definately her dream come true!

The Muleshoe Journal, State Line Tribune, and Channel 6 in Muleshoe, covered the event -
I hope you'll get a chance to read and see their stories. . .they all did an incredible job!

The photos below were taken by Amberlee (Steinbock) Altman. You should see the video she put together of the day! It is a momento we will forever cherish! THANKS SO MUCH AMBERLEE!

I could say so much more but find it extremely difficult to find words to describe how last Saturday and the past 2 years have changed our lives. We are so humbled. Our lives have been deeply touched by so many people throughout Jayci's battle. It was as though last Saturday was the final chapter in her cancer story. . .I could never explain how sweet the feeling. THANK YOU! The only two words I'm able to find yet they don't even come close to measuring how much you have changed our lives. Without your prayers, your support, your friendship, your love. . .I don't want to imagine where we'd be.

Please take time to come see our princess's room. . .she is one amazing little girl.
Our prayer is that she continues to touch the lives of those she meets; she always knows exactly what to say to tug at your heart.

God is SO GOOD! He's so good to we!

The Nickels family

(We had so many volunteers and all of them did an incredible job!
. . .Just wanted you to know the bedding was made by Memaw!
The crown and wand Jayci is wearing in the last picture was given to her
along with an inspiring note from Miss Plano Texas. . .something we'll always cherish!)

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Even though Jayci Joy didn't have a team at this year's Relay for Life, she was still the STAR! She walked several laps, played with friends, and danced the night away! She is truly a blessing.


Jayci Joy and Grandad Jack walking the survivor lap.
Grandad, Jayci Joy, and Mammie walking the survivor/caregiver lap.

Addyson, Jayci Joy, and Keely

Addyson, Jayci Joy, Tracen, and Trenton

(For the Lazbuddie folk: The boys belong to Wade and Brandi Angeley)

Guyson Alexander-Sig Nickels

5 weeks old

Desirae and Emma Rae Gallman

Kadynce Kennedy

(Ky and Shelby's sweetheart)

Her mommy sure does know how to dress her up!

We can't wait 'til next year! Jayci Joy WILL have a team again! We hope you'll all be able to join!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009



Guyson Alexander-Sig Nickels
May 7, 2009
8:48 PM
6 lbs. 3 ozs.
19 1/2 in.

Guyson is doing wonderful! He has jaundice and is on a "bililight" right now. . .Thank goodness Uncle Chris lives in Lubbock and hasn't minded us crashing on him for a few days! Hopefullly we'll be back home again soon!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Just wanted to let you know I have my testing done tomorrow, Thursday and the Monday of Spring Break. Tomorrow, March 4th, I will have my X-Rays, CT Scan, part 1 of my MIBG Scan, bloodwork, complete physical, and begin my 24-hour urine test. I have done a great job giving up chocolate, vanilla & bananas the last 2 days. . .thank goodness for pink milk and food without vanilla or chocolate! (I sure miss my chocolate milk but think pink milk is cool since some of my favorite TV characters (Charlie & Lola) drink it.) The real test will come tomorrow. I can't eat or drink from 6am - 12:30pm. THAT IS A WHOLE MORNING! Would you please pray that I make it through those 6 hours without too many hunger pains? I will also have to have an IV line tomorrow. . .would you please pray my veins are good and easy to find so I only have to be stuck 1 time? These 2 things are of our greatest concern. . .I can be brave and make it through the rest of the day since it only involves being very still and cooperating with the people at the hospital - at least there will be no more owies! (I'm finally potty trained so I don't have to have a catheter this time! HOORAY!) The good thing about tomorrow is I get to see Dr. Habersang again! (He is the one who brought me back when my ventilator tube was pulled in '07.) I haven't seen him in a year and a half - boy will he be impressed with all I've learned! I also get to meet his wife. . .I think she is going to take over as my pediatrician now that I'm doing so good.
On Thursday we will complete the MIBG Scan and the urine test.
The next 2 days will be exhausting and not much fun. We have been and will continue to pray for everything to go well. Thank goodness for Memaw and Dodi - Memaw will help on Wednesday and Dodi will help on Thursday. They will help my Daddy get me through all the tests. Mom will be there but can't be around all the radiation; she says it's not good for Guyson. It's GREAT living so close to my grandmas!
On Monday, March 16th, I have a bone scan done. Then. . .I'll be THROUGH WITH ALL TESTING ONCE AGAIN!!! HOORAY!
Thank you so much for keeping me in your prayers! We will not get the test results back until the end of March. However, we all know I'm doing great and they will be perfect! God is so GOOD to me!
Love,Jayci Joy

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Has it been 6 months already !?!

I’m finally taking time to sit down and update you on all the joys in our lives. I apologize for taking ½ a year to get it done! God is so amazing. . .the need to write my thoughts and feelings grows dimmer every day. He has given us peace; we know Jayci Joy is completely healed and look forward to the watching her grow and fill all those she touches with JOY!

September, 2008
WINNIE THE POOH and Grammy too!
September was full of excitement and new adventure. Grammy Ju and Grandad accompanied Jayci and I to Winnie the Pooh Live! The show was incredible! We all made memories to last a lifetime!
Grammy Ju spent quite a bit of time with us in September. Jayci Joy loved spending many days at her house while I took it easy carrying a new baby and Guy harvested. She still plays at the school desk Grammy gave her and insists on stomping in EVERY water puddle she sees! Grammy Ju can always be counted on for hours of fun and new adventure!
Memaw took time to make Jayci Joy a Lazbuddie Longhorn outfit so she could attend some Lazbuddie games in style. We are so lucky our Memaw sews so beautifully! No matter where Jayci goes she has an outfit that perfectly fits the occasion!

Jayci Joy at Winnie the Pooh!

Jayci Joy with Grammy Ju (Mammie) and Grandad at Winnie the Pooh LIVE!

Jayci Joy spending the day at Mammie's house!
She loves the desk Mammie refinished for her!
Jayci loved jumping in the water puddles in her new rain boots!
Mammie always teaches her the coolest tricks!
Jayci Joy and Emma playing at McDonald's.
Jayci modeling her Lazbuddie Longhorn outfit!
It's so cool having a Memaw who makes sure I'm dressed for every occassion!
I was the hit at Homecoming!

October, 2008
BOO and the cousins too!
Timmie, Lidia, Ana and Gene made a weekend trip to visit in October. The kids had a blast!
Memaw once again came through and made Jayci Joy the costume she insisted on having this Halloween. Jayci’s October “show of the month” was Monsters, Inc. and she thought Boo was the coolest kid around. Let’s just say she thought she looked EXACTLY like Boo when in costume!

Jayci Joy getting ready to Trick or Treat.
(Mama even made sure I had a hot dog before the sugar hit!)

Gene, Jayci & Ana enjoying a wagon ride at Memaw's house.
November, 2008
We had Thanksgiving at Memaw and Pepaw’s house this year. We had a great holiday and were blessed to share it with several extended family members and some good friends! Jayci was “sooooo happy” she got to play with her cousins again!

Everyone enjoyed playing with the kids' playdough Thanksgiving Day!
Kennedi, Jaegan, Jayci & Mia relaxing after Nickels family pictures.

December, 2008:
Memaw, both my brothers and their families, and Guy, Jayci, and I all traveled to support the Muleshoe Mules at the State Championship Football Game in Grand Prairie, Texas. We had the best time! It was an honor to watch the Mules complete a 15-0 season and capture the State Championship. I couldn’t think of a group who deserved it more. Those boys are true champions both on and off the field.

This Christmas season brought magic, memories, but most of all, JOY, to our family. This was the first Christmas Jayci completely understood everything about the holiday. Memaw and I began the season by taking her to ride The Polar Express train. She had seen the movie about a million times before we went which made the entire trip magical. The cookies, hot chocolate, Christmas carols, conductor, elves. . .everything was just as she had imagined. I was so surprised when she listened and cooperated with Santa. . .she thinks he’s a really neat guy, but only at a distance. I look forward to making the trip with her and Guyson next year!
Finding the perfect gift was a little different this Christmas. Every time she was asked what she wished Santa to bring her she would say “a present” or “a jingle bell.” As you can imagine, Santa’s elf was at a complete loss. I really wanted to make this Christmas extra special. In desperation I took Jayci shopping with me about 2 weeks before Christmas day to find the “perfect gift.” I was showing her the toy kitchen sets, dress up clothes, baby doll furniture, etc. . .none of which she cared anything about. However, she did find one toy she thought she couldn’t live without; a DINOSAUR!?! Imagine that! My efforts to entice her to fall in love with something a little girl would play with had failed and Jayci Joy was determined Santa was going to bring her “Spike the Dinosaur!” She was so in love with the toy that she prayed for it every night! I think telling her Christmas was Jesus’ birthday AND the day Santa came confused her a bit. J
I now understand the sick feeling in parents’ stomachs when they search every store around and can’t find the one thing their child really wants for Christmas. Thank goodness for the internet and a determined Memaw! Spike the Dinosaur arrived at her house Dec. 23rd, just in time! Christmas morning was truly magical and we captured it ALL on tape! I can’t tell you how amazing it felt to see Jayci Joy’s jaw drop when she found “Spike” under the Christmas tree. The embrace she gave him was so sweet!
Family, friends, special gatherings, and especially her cousins, made Jayci Joy’s Christmas complete! Guy and I already anticipate next Christmas and look forward to the magical memories it will bring!

Modeling one of the many Christmas outfits Memaw made me this year!
Aren't I adorable!

Visiting with the conductor while aboard "The Polar Express" train.Dancing with Santa!

Making cookies for Santa with Ana and Memaw!
Boy was it fun!
Jayci Joy admiring her "Mr. Grinch" hands.
Wouldn't you know "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" was her favorite holiday movie!


Jayci Joy all dressed up on Christmas Day!

Thanks for my new dress Aunt Patti!
Ana, Jayci & Gene all dressed up on Christmas Day!
Didn't Memaw do a GREAT JOB making the girls' Christmas dresses?
Ana is wearing hers in the picture.

Jayci Joy and Grammy Ju playing with stickers on Christmas Day.

Playing "stickers" with my Pepaw.
He is such a good sport!

Jayci, Mia & Jaegan with Jayci's new dinosaur Christmas Day.

Playdough with my Nickels cousins.

Mom made all my nieces and nephews minkie blankets for Christmas!
She did an excellent job!
Here are Chad's girls posing for pictures with their new blankets!

How many men does it take to figure out a new grill?
Timmie, Guy, Pepaw, & Chris trying out the new grill.

Jayci Joy relaxing with Mema Betty.
It's awesome having so many grandmas!
Mema Betty admiring Ana's beautiful work.
Jayci Joy and Daddy getting their "Guns Up!" for Tech during the Cotton Bowl.

Jayci Joy's first ponytail!
January, 2009
“I saw God today. . .”
Carrying this baby has been a completely different experience from the one I had carrying Jayci. I’ve been through 3 different rounds of antibiotics for respiratory infections, had the flu, been completely exhausted, had contractions, some light bleeding. . .let’s just say it’s not been the “perfect” pregnancy. In fact, it’s been so different that I was afraid of what I might see when I went in for a sonogram on January 5th. Guy and I had decided I would go by myself since I had to be in Lubbock by 8:45 that morning and had appointments scheduled that would take the entire day. Jayci Joy desperately needed to sleep in and he had some farming business that needed handling that day.
Neither of us slept much the night before and wouldn’t you know it would be the ONE day this winter that Lubbock streets were a solid sheet of ice! The trip to Lubbock was long and worrisome. . .I found myself silently asking God to “just let everything be okay.” By the time I arrived at the Dr.’s office my blood pressure was a shocking 141 over 80. . .way HIGH for me! I refused to let the nurse write those numbers on my chart; I told her it had been a stressful morning and I needed time to calm my nerves. She reluctantly agreed to retake my blood pressure after the sonogram. During the time I was in the waiting room and in a small holding room before I went in to have the sonogram done, I continued to pray for the baby’s health. I asked God for peace and good results. I did notice, but sadly paid little attention to, the reminders of God’s presence in my life that seemed to be everywhere. . .there was the song “I saw God today” playing quietly in the background and several scriptures that caught my eye on decorative artwork and crosses throughout the office (one was even in a magazine I picked up to read!). God was there and was providing the comfort I needed to know everything was and would be okay; I just needed to trust Him.
A couple hours later I left the doctor’s office with a smile on my face and peace in my heart. The baby was growing normally and both HE and I got a clean bill of health! God was with me that day and continues to bless our lives everyday. . .sometimes I just need to stop, listen and look around and as the song says “I (do see) God (everyday).”

February, 2009
Guyson Alexander Nickels
Just a quick note to let everyone know we had another sonogram today. Guyson is doing great! Everything looked perfect! He will join our family in May!

For those who have been asking:
“Guyson” is after Guy (after all he IS Guy’s son – I wish you could all see the sparkle in Guy’s eye each time his son is mentioned. He is a PROUD Daddy! J)
Guy’s great-grandfather was the original Guy Nickels – it is an honor to name our son after him as well.
“Alexander” is after my grandfather, Alexander “Alec” Jesko.
Poor Guyson will have to work really hard to fill the shoes of the GREAT MEN he is named after!

March, 2009
Unfortunately it is time for Jayci’s bi-annual testing once again. I tried my best to talk her oncologists out of repeating all those yucky tests this time. . .I am certain the results will show Jayci to be in perfect health. However, I did not succeed. Sometime in the next couple weeks Jayci will have a MIBG test, bloodwork, CT Scan, X-rays, urine test, and physical done. I HATE putting her through all those uncomfortable (and sometimes “owie”) tests, but we know they have to be done and have faith everything will go well.
Please keep our sweet girl in your prayers, it’s no fun to have to do so many yucky things at such a young age! Bless her heart, she’ll have to go through some of them without Mommy too! (I can’t be around all the radiation, it’s not safe for Guyson.) Thank goodness she has such an awesome Dad, Memaw and Mammie! She’ll be in better hands anyway. . .they’ll probably have more trouble comforting ME!
I’ll let you know the results as soon as they are in. . .probably late March.
God is so GOOD. . .we know He continues to hold our Jayci Joy in His hands.
Every Sunday morning as we’re walking into church she reminds her Daddy and I of His constant presence in her life as she shouts “Jesus, I’m here! We finally made it!”
Guy and I just shake our heads, smile and promise ourselves that one of these days we will be on time!

God’s Blessings to you all!